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About Us

BTC Growth is a fast growing Forex market trading as well as cryptocurrency trading company, which uses the latest cutting edge technology for its security. That is the reason the company is a reliable partner for the investors who are interested in getting huge profits with reliability. Investing and trading in cryptocurrency as well as Forex market has a great scope for financial growth and renders a great opportunity for steady income.

Blockchain allows storing safely the information on the remote servers and devices located around the world. This information on the blockchain is so secure that it cannot be altered, neither it can be hacked nor can be forged. Thus the security provided by the blockchain is inexpensive and affordable without compromising the security at all.

Our professionalism lets us put rather high interest rate for investments attraction. We deal with domestic and foreign stocks, money market instruments, bonds and other securities also. The combination of investing in Forex as well as cryptocurrency exchanges allows us to get stable income even during periods of high fluctuations.

We have developed a unique automated Arbitrage tool that utilizes the volatility of the cryptocurrency market taking into consideration the global digital market, the cryptocurrency trend, the history of rise and fall of the particular currency, the future application of the currency exchange, etc. With immense groundbreaking research and immense technical analysis, and feeding huge ton of data into the system, we have developed this tool that will take into consideration all the aspects that will interfere or affect the rise and fall of the currency, and allow us to make profit on the trade even when the market is slippery. The same design allows us to even buy and hold the currency for long and predict the growth in the far future.

Our investors can make use of vast experience of our experts in the field of cryptocurrency and Forex Trade. Beginners can benefit financially without having to learn the details on cryptocurrency trading, economic condition of any country and/or fall and rise of any particular currency. Even seasoned traders can use our program for reducing risk on their investment and make profit without wasting their time studying the market and/or socioeconomic situation of any country directly influencing the rise and fall of currency. Our company provides a possibility to earn with very limited risk without the necessity to learn the strategy of Forex trading or cryptocurrency trading.

We are happy to welcome all type of traders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, online entrepreneurs, professional investors and beginners to make use of our investment opportunity. If you would like to earn without risk and without wasting time to study trading with cryptocurrencies or Forex Trading in depth, then BTC Growth is the company that will help you achieve incredible success in a short period of time.

BTC Growth is an investment platform, which has been developed by immense research, intense work and strategy development by our experts over a very long period of time. It uses secure and high cutting-edge technology, and is always monitored by our experts 24*7. BTC Growth offers secure asset management as well as highly profitable trade exchanges.

BTC Growth offers additional opportunities in the form of referral program and binary matching income. Anybody can become a member of our program by registering to our program. To earn referral income, all you have to do is to share information about our investment offer with your friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues, as well as send them a unique referral link; after someone registers through your link, that person becomes your referral.

Vision And Mission

We are one of the world’s leading investing company, which deals with Forex trading and cryptocurrency trading to increase the economic gain of our company and our investors. The primary mission of our company is to create economic value for its clients and investors/co- partners through the identification and acquisition of trading assets that provide above- average returns to investors and display significant upside potential. Our main focus is on various foreign exchange and cryptocurrency related investment opportunities. We strive to provide a high level of quality service to our clients and investment plan that maintain the integrity and versatility in cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange Industry. We strive to assist and maintain long-term relationship and partnership with the client and provide stable and reliable highly profitable investment plans with no risk. Any trading activity involves certain risks; however, expertise of our highly qualified and experienced team, comprehensive and thorough knowledge of cryptocurrency and Forex market, ability to understand, anticipate and analyse cryptocurrency and Forex market and adapt our trading strategy accordingly allow us to successfully overcome all obstructions and be in profit even under adverse and volatile conditions. Our investment platform allows people of different countries to invest in cryptocurrency and Forex with and without knowledge of both and receive dividends without any risk and improve their living standards.

Our Community

BTC Growth community - a group of like-minded developing a new kind of technology, with the aim to unite the entire currency market into a single multi-currency platform. With the growth of BTC Growth community, it will increase interest in BTC Growth and coin BTC Growth technology by giving more financial opportunities to each member of the system.

  • Integration of financial and crypto communities into a single multi-currency network
  • Stabilization of the cryptocurrency market
  • Simplify the work of multicurrency transfers to instant and intuitively easy
  • Multiplicating the BTC Growth coin, as well as promoting BTC Growth technology

Our Goals

Every day we will improve the technology and work on the launch of an updated version of the multi-currency platform BTC GrowthGlobal which includes:

  • Connecting more than 400 Internet currencies and cryptocurrency to the multi-currency core
  • API - an open platform for developers - is instant connection of your wallet to a multi-currency core
  • Open access developers to multiplication programs
  • Connecting multi-currency buffer. Cryptocurrency transaction acceleration module to instant
  • Single multibank applications on BTC GrowthGlobal platform